The Truth About Fructose


People worry about how fattening and unhealthy sugars can be. This is a legitimate fear. However, some sweeteners are better for the body than others. Fructose as a sweetener is excellent for health.

This sweetener is found naturally in fruit. This type of sugar also comes with a pack of nutrients in the fruit. However, when isolated from corn, manufacturers have developed a type of fructose called high fructose corn syrup. This syrup is often in candy and has been found to be a high calorie, no nutrient sweetener. When fructose is in crystallized form, it has less calories. Some are touting this as a viable alternative to high fructose corn syrup, however more research in this area is still required.

In summary, the body needs sugars to give energy. Essentially all carbohydrates are broken down into simple sugars anyways. However, some sugars like fructose require more energy for the body to break it down. This means that the body’s blood sugar is not flooded with sugar off the bat and ultimately less calories are being consumed than from other sweeteners. So fructose in fruits is a healthy sweetener, but the isolated compound from corn is not healthy. There is some studies that suggest that crystallized fructose could be a healthier choice as a sweetener.