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Ulla, the singer / guitarist. The front-woman from The Mint Chip Girls, Ulla was hand-picked by Cadence to be the lead singer of the group after discovering her from a YouTube video. Though some might say that she has a bit of an “ego”, she prefers to think of herself as merely confident and - well, a bit eccentric. Her approach to the group is far more casual than the other two members, and it’s for that reason that she sometimes comes across as a little uninvolved. She rarely practices or warms up, preferring rather to show up and let things happen the way they’re going to happen. Still, she gets away with it, because her voice is always perfect.

The middle-aged member, Ulla was in her sophomore year of high school when the Girl Power contest rolled through her small, British Columbian town. A prominent singer in her community and a staple of her school’s annual talent shows, her powerful voice is something she never relied on - it was just something fun to do from time to time. As a result, she treats her music more like a hobby and a source of entertainment than the more serious Cocoa, which often causes small arguments between them.

Ulla’s favorite books are the Harry Potter series, which she is currently re-reading for the 17th time. She does, however, occasionally pick up another book in between re-reads, including a number of John Green novels. When not singing or reading, she can generally be found watching Gossip Girl re-runs.